Entry #14

The Legend of Mario returns!

2015-03-15 20:26:51 by JonnyAtma

About 5 years ago I posted a song on Newgrounds called 'The Legend of Mario'. It quickly became one of my most popular songs on here now with 33,000+ views and nearly 4000 downloads.


I have now remade the song and it is far superior (in my opinion) to the previous version. Enjoy this new revitalized 2015 remake of The Legend of Mario! 


The song is on NG here! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/613708

And don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/jonnyatma It's the cool new thing to do.


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2015-03-16 09:45:42

Just realized I forgot to follow you on NG as well as on YT.
And yes, your music still rocks!


2015-04-22 17:08:49



2016-11-27 08:32:21

Yo man, start dumping the songs you've made so far on the audio portal here (even if it means downing the quality a bit). That way more people hear ur shizzle with more chance of em using it in their projects, meaning even more people will hear it! :D Also I don't have a twitter so it's easier for me to leave a message for ya here if I have one :p

Do it NAAAAOHW! HUAAAGHUUUHgh (*doing the Arnold voice*).


2016-11-27 08:34:45

Also pretty sure that if you keep adding your music here as well, you'll hit plenty of frontpages, raking up the views/listens ;)