Forest Maze & NES Medley #2! Also, looking for an animator!

2014-06-13 19:02:19 by JonnyAtma

Two new GaMetal songs have arrived here on Newgrounds: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, and NES Medley #2!


Beware the Forest's Mushrooms can be found on NG here:

NES Medley #2 can be found on NG here:


In other news, I am currently looking for an animator to help create a Youtube channel trailer. For more details visit my forum post on NG here:


Thanks and hope you enjoy the new songs!


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2014-06-13 22:15:26

Awesome stuff. You know alternitively you could post on the collaberatorwhatschmacallit


2014-06-14 05:05:21

Hey, really cool shredding man, and smooth transitions.
Keep up the great work.


2014-06-14 17:00:14

So sick!!!


2014-06-21 18:18:42

Glad to see you're still making music Johnny boy. Keep up the great work.