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3/4/14 by JonnyAtma
Updated 3/5/14

One of the latest GaMetal songs has made it's way to Newgrounds: enjoy this remake of the Deoxys battle theme from Pokemon!

This song is available on Newgrounds here:



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How do you have songs from 2010 if your sign up date is 6/6/13...?

4/1/14 JonnyAtma responds:

Different account, I had asked if I could change the account name but never got a response, so I just credited songs from my old account to this new one.

"You do not have permission to view this page." is all I get when I try to open the NG link.

3/5/14 JonnyAtma responds:

Whoops wrong link, just fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

amazeballs as usual